Whether you're planning on going skating, snowshoeing or hiking on forest paths, we’ll keep you updated on the latest conditions of the park’s outdoor installations (skating rink, trails, etc.) in any weather or season. We’ll also inform you of any work done in or around the park that might affect park entrances or sectors.

Closures & Work Done in and around the Park

The status of closures and work done in Mount Royal Park was updated on October 12, 2021.

Les amis de la montagne keeps you informed of work done by the City of Montréal in and around Mount Royal Park as well as any closures of park entrances.

The following operations will impact access to and within the park:

  • Tuesday, September 7 to Winter 2021: Access to the Trafalgar entrance will be closed from September to the end of November. Portions of the pathways will also be closed in the various work zones. The serpentine road at the Peel entrance will remain open or partially blocked. This work is intended to replace or improve existing facilities and structures in four sectors of Mount Royal Park. Click here to consult the plan.
  • Monday, August 16 to Spring 2022: excavation work will take place on Olmstead Road in the area of the Chalet Mont-Royal and will hinder access to the Kondiaronk lookout. Two detours are proposed: one for pedestrians (450 m) and the other for bicycles and authorized vehicles, the summit loop (2 km). Only emergency vehicles will be able to get to the Belvedere via the open path on the east side. The chalet will also remain closed, while the outdoor washrooms will remain open to the public. Click here to consult the plan
  • Spring 2021 to Summer 2024: Redevelopment of the intersection of Chemins Remembrance and Côte-des-Neiges will impact access to Mount Royal park throughout the projects many phases. Consult the City of Montréal's description of the project to keep track of impediments to traffic.


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For more information on work done in the park, visit the City of Montréal’s Info-travaux (in French only).
The status of closures and work done in Mount Royal Park was updated on October 07, 2021, 14:59


Winter Site Conditions

The City of Montréal is responsible for maintaining the outdoor installations in Mount Royal Park.

Conditions - parc du Mont-Royal

As illustrated below, Les amis de la montagne shares updated observations on path, trail and rink conditions, so that you always know what is open or closed in the park.

Red: Closed or inaccessible
Yellow: Conditions are difficult or not optimal
Green: Open, conditions are good

Outdoor conditions were updated on March 24, 2021, 10:40


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